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Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Flaherty Floors - Refinished FloorsAlthough hardwood floors are one of the most enduring flooring options available, they can sustain superficial damage from years of foot traffic, spills, and moving furniture. Fortunately, there's a process that can counteract years of damage and restore your wood floor's finish to its original luster: hardwood refinishing. Experienced hardwood floor refinishers like the pros at Flaherty Floors can work wonders on your faded, scratched, even water-damaged hardwood floor. Give us a call today and we'll get your floor looking like new in no time!

Benefits of Our Hardwood Refinishing Service

If you're concerned about having to replace the entire floor, you can put your worries to rest. Our professional buffing, staining, and sealing process can restore the original beauty of your hardwood floor's finish without having to replace the whole thing. In addition to bringing back your floor's shine, our hardwood floor refinishers can erase and eliminate years of damage in one day!

When Flaherty Floors does your wood floor refinishing, we will:

  • Erase minor ridges caused by leaks and spills
  • Eliminate scratches, scuff marks, and dings
  • Restore a smooth, lustrous finish to your floors

When you have our professional flooring team handle your hardwood refinishing, you avoid potential quality issues. Through our careful and precise techniques, we make sure the stain is applied evenly across your entire hardwood floor and that dust from the sanding process does not get stuck underneath the sealant. Inexperienced hardwood floor refinishers are not as careful, resulting in a flawed finish, and may even cause irreparable damage to your hardwood floors by sanding them too much. That's why cut-rate hardwood refinishing services are anything but a bargain!

Exceptional Handiwork Every Time

At Flaherty Floors, we employ only qualified craftsmen who understand the importance of doing everything according to the highest standards. As a matter of fact, we adhere to the procedures of the National Wood Flooring Association when doing sanding and hardwood refinishing. To contain the dust that's created during the hardwood floor refinishing process, we also use dustless sanding machines. This equipment has a vacuum built right into the power sander to significantly reduce the amount of dust that needs to be cleaned up later. However, that doesn't mean we ever skimp on the cleanup! Thoroughly cleaning up our work space at the end of the day is another way we show respect for your home and pride in our workmanship.

We'll restore and repair your hardwood floors professionally so you can enjoy and admire them for many years to come! Call or email us for a free estimate or more information on hardwood flooring refinishing.

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